Curriculum Vitae

For me it's important to develop programs that are intuitive and easy to use – software you’d enjoy using.

I take pride in writing high-quality code that is easy to understand, works well, is efficient, and has a high level of maintainability.

I'm interested in challenging tasks that require innovation and creativity to solve.


Technical Expertise

C++ (STL, Boost, POCO, wxWidgets, CppUnit) • C (GNU Make, GDB, CUnit) • JavaPython
Embedded systems (JTAG, Real-time trace, Assembly) • Parallel programming (MPI, Pthreads)
Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery) • PHPRuby (Ruby on Rails, Capistrano)
MySQL (Database design, Stored procedures, Replication, Query optimisation)
Repositories (GIT, Gerrit, SVN) • Protocols (HTTP, SMTP, Sockets)
Software design (OOP, UML, Design patterns, Unit testing)
LinuxRegexpScripting (Bash, Perl)

Professional Experience

Software Engineering Consultant

Altran, Stockholm, Sweden
September 2013 – August 2017

Altran is a global consulting company focusing on technology and innovation. As a consultant at Altran, I have had two different assignments: the first one at the Swedish National Archives and the second one at Ericsson.

April 2014 – July 2017

Ericsson is a multinational provider of communications technology and services. At Ericsson I developed debugging and instrumentation tools for radio base stations used for current 4G and upcoming 5G mobile networks. They are massively parallel multicore embedded systems running Ericsson-proprietary hardware and software.

  • Implemented new debugger functionality for interacting with the hardware via JTAG and adapted the debugger to handle new generations of hardware.
  • Improved an on-device debug server, written in C++, to support a more efficient network protocol.
  • Refactored and built a modular, multi-threaded software tool in C for decoding and converting real-time trace data between different formats, e.g. to Common Trace Format (CTF) for graphical visualisation in Trace Compass/Eclipse.
  • Designed an instrumentation trace protocol for measuring the performance of baseband code, memory usage, and core and accelerator utilisation levels.
  • Acted as Scrum master in my team.
  • Responsible for managing, building and releasing new versions of the debugging toolkit.
  • Collaborated with different teams around continuous integration via Jenkins and finding regression faults.
  • Implemented test cases in Assembly code and Embedded C for testing various debugger features and wrote various scripts in Bash, Perl and Python.
Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet)
November 2013 – March 2014

The Swedish National Archives have a production facility where written media, such as books and newspapers, are digitised. The material is processed in batches going through a number of processing steps where it is either handled by a human operator (e.g. scanned) or by a computer program (e.g. OCR-interpreted). There I worked in a Scrum team developing this processing system.

  • Developed new batch processing steps (in command-line PHP) to be run as background processes on a Linux server.
  • Implemented stored MySQL procedures, functions and triggers for manipulating data in the database.
  • Built a subsystem for asynchronous handling and queuing of API calls to external web services.
  • Implemented an XML validator in Java for validating XML output produced by the system.
  • Constructed a GUI tool to facilitate visualising, creating and connecting new process steps in a diagram fashion.

Software Developer

JobReady Solutions, Sydney, Australia
October 2010 – April 2013

The JobReady RTO product is a web-based student management system designed for Australian training organisations. It maintains information about courses, student enrolments, as well as provides tools for messaging, invoicing and reporting.

Researcher – ASAMA project

Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
February 2010 – July 2010

ASAMA was a research project that explored and developed a utility for automatic categorisation of large software repositories.

Researcher – SUSWOOD project

Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
April 2009 – December 2009

SUSWOOD was a research project that designed and implemented a highly efficient, parallelised forest simulator that could simulate forest growth and the effects of different harvest schemes.

Web Developer

Anvia Oy, Vaasa, Finland
May 2008 – August 2008

Anvia is a national Finnish telecommunications company with its headquarters in Vaasa. Anvia acquired the e-commerce solution, which I had previously developed, from DigiComp in 2008 to be used on Anvia's own web site as well as a product solution for their corporate customers.

Web Developer

DigiComp Finland Oy, Vaasa, Finland
May 2004 – March 2008

DigiComp was a Finnish retailer that sold computers, computer parts, accessories and software through a web shop as well as a few local shops.


Master of Science in Computer Technology

Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
April 2010

Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology

Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
June 2008