Web development

DigiComp Webshop

I was employed as a web developer at DigiComp Finland between 2004 and 2008. The company retailed computers and computer hardware via a web shop. My most important task was to improve and maintain the company's e-commerce solution, which comprised the web shop and an internal managment system for orders, products and customer relationships. The system was programmed in PHP and used MySQL as back-end databse.

Sadly, the company went out of business in mid 2008, and the website is no longer on-line. The following are a couple of screenshots of how the web shop looked back in 2007 – 2008.


inflo is a system for storage and management of files, suitable for companies and organisations. The system manages shared files in a tag- and group-based category structure as opposed to a traditional tree hierarchy. The system supports fine-grained user and group permissions and incorporates a revision control system. The web interface is built using Ruby on Rails, and it connects to a custom-made backend in C++ and MySQL.

inflo was built as a software project for a university course.